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Nevara is an elegant serif font that combines timeless sophistication with unwavering firmness. It strikes a harmonious balance between simplicity and subtle flourishes, making it a versatile choice for various design applications. Inspired by small part of Fractur Calligraphy, Nevara offers over 30 Uppercase alternates and more than 80 Lowercase alternates, allowing for extensive customization and unique typographic expressions. It also provides multilingual support and the flexibility to access alternates by adding numbers after letters or via the Private Use Area, making it a go-to choice for projects that demand both style and functionality.

Nevara’s design ethos captures understated elegance, making it perfect for logo, branding, and creative projects that require a touch of sophistication. Its extensive alternate character set and international language support ensure adaptability to diverse design needs. Whether you seek to infuse your text with a subtle twist or create a bespoke typographic experience, Nevara’s versatile features and firm yet elegant aesthetic make it a top choice for designers and typographers alike.


  • Uppercase & Lowercase Alternate
  • Symbols & Punctuations
  • Multilingual Supports
  • Alternates (accessed by adding a number after the letter e.g. E1 or x3, plese see preview image 2 for example)
  • Alternates (accessible through PUA or Private Use Area)